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Odyssey Management Services began in 2006 as a part of Phillips Development’s Construction Services Department. Odyssey is now a single source provider for Construction Management Services. Odyssey has been effective in the management and delivery of over 2,000 residential units over the past 6 years. With expertise in Estimating, Design, Permitting, Scheduling, Processes, and most importantly Project Management. Odyssey has the capabilities and know-how to effectively execute all Development Project Management responsibilities resulting in the successful execution of any Development Project as it relates to quality, schedule, performance, and budget.

Today Odyssey’s clients trust it to successfully manage their projects from initial conception on through to the completion of the Development Project. Odyssey is strategic in providing its clients valuable up front due diligence reports and cost summaries on perspective properties or projects they intend to pursue. Assuming development is gainful; Odyssey assists its clients in the selection of Designers and Contractors to efficiently program, budget, design, and permit their Development Visions. Odyssey surpasses the industry standard as it relates to the execution, construction, scheduling, budget, and turnover of their clients’ Final Development Vision. Once Development is imminent and permits are approved Odyssey utilizes its expertise in Management, Construction, Scheduling, and Processes to effectively drive the project to completion and turn over a complete package to the Client. Odyssey understands that the roadmap to the successful execution of a project is the result of a collaborative game plan from start to finish between the Owner, Designer, Financial Institution, and Municipality. Odyssey’s roots in Development have fostered its ability to effectively deliver a full range of Development Management services from start to finish.

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